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Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Program's Purpose Statement

The ELC primary purpose is to extend the Gospel to young children through a comprehensive ministry of care. As such, it is an integral part of the congregation's mission and total ministry program.

Purpose, Goals, & Philosophy Of Little Lambs, Trinity Early Learning Center

Trinity Lutheran Church LCMS is the supervisory organization for the Little Lambs, Trinity Early Learning Center. This organization is a nonprofit, interracial, and non-political institution. 

The purpose of this program shall be to provide facilities for and to maintain, a developmental early childhood education program in accordance with the standards set by the Colorado Department of Human Services Agency and the Colorado Department of Early Childhood for the group care of preschool children in a faith based setting. 

The goals for the program are: 

For the Child:

  • To learn of and grow spiritually in God's love and presence. 

  • Provide opportunities to use a large variety of materials appropriate to his/her age constructively and freely; to enhance his/her physical and intellectual development. 

  • Provide opportunities to play and live happily with other children in a group, and to learn to trust adults other than his/her own family members in a new environment.

  • Develop intellectual curiosity by having questions answered, by having special visitors, and by taking excursions away from the school. To participate in a planned program which promotes good health by including rest, nutritious snacks, and outdoor play. 

For the Families:

  • Provide opportunities to meet and work with other families and teachers who have, as their common concern, the interest and needs of the preschool child.

For the Staff:

  • Provide opportunities to meet and work with other professionals who have, as their common concern, the interest and needs of the preschool child.

  • Support and encourage professional growth in the field of Early Childhood Education.

For the Community:

  • Help meet the needs of the community for the faith based early childhood education facility.

  • Contribute to the wholesome growth and development of the future of the community.

  • Provide a setting where people of various social, religious, and ethnic backgrounds can work together for a common interest.

Reach Out

Are you looking into your child attending Little Lambs? That's fantastic! We are always happy to enroll new children to be raised in the light of God. For information about registration click here or call the school directly at (970) 867-4931.

Find Us

1215 W 7th Ave. 

Fort Morgan, CO 80701

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